FACT: When an asexual and a pansexual touch each other, skin to skin, their bodies merge into an all-powerful immortal being and they become a new god.



this was a terrible idea we already regret what we have done

Nobody said it was easy series 2 was going to be this excruciatingly painful

: Celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday today by talking Shakespeare with Tom Hiddleston. He knows a little about it.


Tom Hiddleston is all Smiles wearing a Tuxedo on set of “Crimson Peak” in Toronto, Canada on April 23, 2014 [HQ]

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1. !!



Oh, hey there!! :D

1. A photo of your room

Voilà! That’s my bedroom! :3 I love it, it’s got everything I love in there! <3 (can you tell I’m obssessed with owls? aha :P)

Thank you very much! How are things back in Spain btw? How have you been since Cambridge?? :3


Seems like you have such a pretty place, huh!

You’re welcome!! Yeah, it’s been a while since Cambridge. I began my second year in Biology back in September, and it’s quite tough, though it’s amusing! *hugshugs* Thanks for asking.

What about you?

Aw, thanks! I’m certainly not complaining! :3

Biology! Wow! I have a friend who does the same thing :3 (well, actually pretty much all my friends are studying science or medecine, eh)

And I started my first year at university, I’m studying English and Spanish literature! I love it so far, it’s so interesting and that’s exactly what I want to study for the next 3 years, aha! 

I miss Cambridge sometimes, I’ve grown quite fond of this city :(
I think I’m going to return there this summer, and maybe I can say hi to our former teachers! That’d be nice! :D 

Lots of hugs, dear! I hope everything will go well for you <3


Pick up lines according to Debra DiGiovanni 

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i am not a joke or a fetish

No your just unhealthily outside the parameters of healthy weight, a margin overweight is nothing to shame, neither is obesity , but I’m not going to Molly coddle someone who is obese when it causes drastic and numerous health issues

the most popular kind of fat-shaming seems to be under the guise of concern. fat people can be healthy and thin people can be unhealthy- and regardless of health there’s no reason to be a dick to someone ever. if you try and act ~concerned~ as an excuse for you to be rude and dehumanize fat people, you need to get your internalized hatred out of here tbh.

i literally just drew some vent art for myself and almost immediately people come out of the woodwork to tell me how i feel about the way my own body is wrong and my state of health (based on their assumptions alone) makes it fair for them to treat me lesser than an assumed healthy person. lmao. bye.

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